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Butlers chocolate from Ireland

Butlers Chocolate looks back on a long tradition. The company was founded in 1932 in Lad Lane in Dublin. But under the name Chez Nous Chocolates. At that time Marion Butler moved from India to Ireland and there she made her chocolate creations with great dedication. And very successfully too, as the demand for Marion's chocolate grew and grew. So it was that she soon officially founded her company, with which she produced her own delicacies until 1959. After Marion retired from chocolate production, it took several years before her creations were allowed to revive. Butlers was not officially founded under this name until 1980. At the end of the 80s the company opened its first shop in Grafton Street in Dublin. This was so popular that another ten cafés were opened. Not only in Ireland, but also in the Middle East and Asia.

The quest for quality and first class chocolate

Even today the company still uses its tried and tested recipes. However, Butlers Chocolate also constantly strives to create even better and unique chocolate. This not only results in varieties such as those enjoyed in Dublin 40 years ago. But also creations that inspire with their unusual ingredients. These include the Mint Crunch chocolate or the coveted white chocolate with berry pieces. Of course there are also creations with Irish Cream and whiskey, as well as with honey, almonds and orange pieces. Butlers chocolate is versatile and varied. This and the constant quest for a high quality and delicious taste, makes Butlers one of the most popular chocolates in Ireland.