The Irish tea culture   On average, the Irish...

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The Irish tea culture
On average, the Irish drink four cups of tea a day. With a per capita consumption of 4.6 kilos per year, not even the British can keep up. But where does this ambition for such high tea consumption come from?
Some people may suspect that tea is so popular in Ireland because of the weather. Because what could be better than warming up with a cup in a cosy cottage on a rainy day. But tea has a much higher value in Ireland. Thus it shapes whole traditions. In Ireland, drinking tea is associated with conviviality. For many Irish people, it is also good manners to offer their visitors a cup of tea. It can also be strangers who only ask for directions. So don't be surprised next time you are invited to tea in Ireland.
Tea samples from Ireland: For your personal Tea Time
The Emerald Isle is a paradise for tea lovers. Renowned brands such as Bewleys, Campbells, Lyons and Barrys have their origins, and often still have their headquarters in Ireland. The island still has a tradition of calling for Five o'Clock Tea. However, it is not just a cup or a pot of steaming tea that is served. At Irish Tea Time, lovingly filled sandwiches and homemade pastries are also served.
If you would also like to enjoy Irish Tea Time at home, you will find a large selection of Irish tea in our shop. But we know that choosing the right variety is not always easy. For this reason you will find tea samples of different teas from Ireland in our shop. So you can test different producers and varieties to find your personal favourite tea. If that is not enough, you will not only find single tea samples. But a whole set, consisting of 55 different Irish teas!


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