For real connoisseurs: Hot chocolate from...

Hot Chocolate

For real connoisseurs: Hot chocolate from Ireland
What could be better than wrapping yourself in the blanket with a good book on a cold evening and watching the snowflakes dance through the air? That's exactly what you want, but with a hot chocolate. Or better still, a hot chocolate from Ireland. Because it doesn't just provide soothing warmth and ensures a wonderful treat. It will also revive your memories of the Emerald Isle while you spend cosy winter evenings at home and perhaps even plan your next trip to Ireland?
Irish chocolate as a delicious hot drink
Well, hot chocolate is not only delicious in winter. True lovers always find a reason to enjoy the delicious hot drink. And if you also have a hot chocolate from Ireland at home, we can provide you with the reason right away. Because every sip will remind you of your experiences and adventures on the Emerald Isle, so that you can revel in your memories at any time.
In our shop you will find hot chocolate from Bewleys and Butlers. Bewleys is one of the most famous tea producers on the island. But the company's drinking chocolate is also a delight. Especially since it is even available as white chocolate. Butlers Chocolate has long made a name for itself in the chocolate industry. The company convinces people all over the world with its extraordinary chocolate creations. So it is not surprising that Butlers hot chocolate must also be something special. Because it is not simply available in powder form. But as tabs that dissolve in warm milk. Both visually and in terms of taste, Butlers' chocolate tabs are a highlight that is guaranteed to sweeten even the wettest of winter evenings.

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