Celtic wedding rings: Special jewellery for...

Celtic Wedding Rings

Celtic wedding rings: Special jewellery for lovers

The wedding should be the most beautiful day in life. So the day is lovingly planned and countless wedding dresses are tried on until the right garment is found. And probably the most important thing in wedding planning for many is the choice of wedding rings. Because these symbolize the bond of marriage and two lovers who have sworn allegiance to each other. Therefore, the rings can also be something special. And for all Irland-loving bridal couples we have wonderful pieces of jewellery, which symbolise the love for each other, but also the love for the Emerald Isle: Celtic wedding rings.
Celtic wedding rings are made of high-quality materials such as gold and silver. They are decorated with the beautiful Claddagh symbol, a significant Irish symbol. Because the two hands stand for friendship and the heart in their hands for love. The crown above the heart symbolises fidelity and loyalty, two important qualities for marriage. There are also Celtic wedding rings whose design is not only characteristic of the Claddagh symbol. But also the Celtic knot, which stands for infinity. So this Celtic wedding ring can express the infinite love for each other.

Wedding customs from Ireland

Celtic wedding rings are a great way to keep your favorite island close to you on the most important day of your life and beyond. Or perhaps you would like to add an Irish touch to your wedding and record some of the wedding customs from the Emerald Isle?

  • Blue dresses: Nowadays most Irish brides wear white dresses. But the traditional wedding dress on the Emerald Isle is blue. ?
  • Wedding bells: People used to be forbidden to live the Catholic faith. But especially at a wedding, she wanted to be close to God. There is also a legend that by ringing the bells the devil is kept away from the bridal couple. In order to prepare a good way for the lovers nevertheless, the Irish use small bells instead of the large church bells. Even today this tradition can still be found in the decorations.
  • Horseshoe: The horseshoe represents happiness in Ireland too. So the brides used to carry horseshoes with them on the way to the altar. Today the heavy shoes are replaced by pretty jewellery with small horseshoes.

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