Funny caps and hats from Ireland The Irish are...

Funny caps

Funny caps and hats from Ireland

The Irish are a happy people, always up for a good time and can laugh at themselves. No wonder that our funny caps from Ireland are one thing above all: hilarious. Our headgear is a great companion for the next St. Patrick's Day Party or carnival. The funny caps from Ireland are also perfect for the bachelor party or a birthday party with an Irish motto. So that there is the right model for everyone, there is a large selection of unusual headgear in our shop:
  • Hair bands with feelers: For example with sweet cloverleaves
  • Wigs: Green, like the meadows on the Dingle Peninsula or in the look of the Irish colours
  • Hats: Funny goblin hats with buckle and cloverleaf, a delicious pint, a Viking helmet or even mini hats

The indispensable companion for the next party

In Ireland a functional headgear is essential. Because it protects against rain and wind, as well as against the sun when the golden rays fight their way through the cloud cover. Therefore a fitting hat should not be missing at the next Irish party. But peaked caps or baseball caps are too boring for you? Then a funny hat from Ireland is just the right thing. With it you round off every outfit and become an eye-catcher at the next party.

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