Traditional dishes from Ireland 
 The Irish...


Traditional dishes from Ireland

The Irish cuisine is largely influenced by traditional dishes and ingredients that can be found on the Emerald Isle. So it is not surprising that especially freshly caught fish lands on the plates of the Irish. But also lamb and beef is often eaten. Gladly as warming stews in winter or on rainy days. Classic Irish dishes do not consist of unusual ingredients and Far Eastern spices that are difficult to find. They are hearty home-style cooking, which even experienced chefs love.

Baked goods and bread from the Emerald Isle

But not only meat and fish end up on the plates of the Irish. Hardly any holidaymaker can avoid following the wonderful smells that emanate from the kitchens and cafés in Ireland. There are delicious baked goods like scones, shortbread, fruit cake and apple pie, perfect for afternoon tea. However, Irish breads are particularly popular. In most cases these are served for breakfast or in the form of lovingly sandwiches with chips and salad.
Bring the Irish cuisine into your home: products for baking and cooking
If Irish cuisine is also missing in your home country, you will find the right ingredients in our shop to bring the taste of the Emerald Isle home to you. With our baking mixes you can conjure up wonderful breads as you know them from your last holiday. We also have the right baking mix for different scones.
If you prefer something more hearty, perhaps our seasoning mixes for Irish Stew or Sheperds Pie are something for you. Our pasta in sheep, harp or clover shape is also made to satisfy your wanderlust for the Emerald Isle.

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