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Headgear from Ireland: Timeless, functional or simply funny

Caps, hats and hats are not only a practical headgear that protects against sun and rain. They are also a fashionable accessory that completes the most diverse outfits. In our shop you will find a very special selection of caps and co.: Headgear especially from Ireland for fans of the Emerald Isle!
Our offer of Irish headgear is manifold. Trendy baseball caps with cool Irish motives. Warming knitted caps for cold winter and autumn days. Traditional peaked caps for fashion-conscious men. And even funny hats to round off the next outfit for St. Patrick's Day. Whether sporty, elegant, casual, stylish or hilarious: you will find Irish headwear for every occasion.

From traditional to modern

The traditional Irish headgear is the peaked cap. It has a flexible hat tower, under which the heat released over the head is stored. The peak ensures that the rain does not drip into the face. At the same time this hat provides protection in the sun. But the traditional peaked cap is not only a practical piece of clothing, but also stylishly elegant. Thanks to its elastic shape, the cap can also be easily stowed in a pocket. So you always have your peaked cap at hand and are well equipped for all weather conditions!
Baseball caps are modern and trendy headgear. Our models from Ireland are in the design of the Emerald Isle. From the cool cap in Guinness-look to the Ireland print there is something for everyone. Some of the Irish headgear even have an integrated bottle opener. So it's perfect for your next visit to the stadium or a cosy evening with friends.