Irish Foods

Irish Motif Pasta

Irish motif pasta for a special pasta dish Pasta is perhaps...

Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey enjoys great popularity worldwide. The whiskey is...

Irish Tea

The Irish are record holders in tea drinking In no other...

Irish Chocolate

Chocolate from Ireland: a special taste experience Ireland is...

Guinness Food

The classic from Ireland with a difference We already know...


Irish jam: the traditional recipe Like so much else in Ireland,...


Irish sauces, mustard and relish Whether hot food from the...


Traditional dishes from Ireland The Irish cuisine is largely...

Bread and Baked Goods

Bread from Ireland with baking mixes for the home There is...

Tayto Crisps

Chips from Ireland: The delicious snack for in between The...

Hot Chocolate

For real connoisseurs: Hot chocolate from Ireland What could...


Barrys Tea Gold Blend 80 bags

Barry's Tea Gold Blend 80 bags

6,90 € *
2,76 € per 100 g
Bewleys Irish Breakfast Tea, 80 Bags

Bewleys Irish Breakfast Tea, 80 Bags

6,90 € *
2,76 € per 100 g
Barrys Tee Classic Blend 80 Bags

Barry's Tee Classic Blend 80 Bags

6,90 € *
2,76 € per 100 g

Traditional foods from Ireland
Everyone who thinks of the Emerald Isle will remember the tastes and smells of Irish cuisine. It is simple but traditional and absolutely delicious. Who doesn't like to think about the smell of freshly baked Farmhouse Bread or sweet scones for afternoon tea? Also the taste of a spicy Irish stew or a still warm apple pie should make the mouth water for many an Ireland fan. Thus, our longing for the Emerald Isle is not only limited to the dreamlike nature and the cordial way of the Irish people. But also to their delicious dishes that we love to taste during our trips! We can't beam you to the Emerald Isle or even provide you with an Irishman who will make you laugh with his humorous manner. But we can at least bring the taste of Ireland home to you!
Irish food and the taste of Ireland
What do you yearn for most when you have to bridge the time until your next trip to Ireland? For Irish pastries, cool Guinness or hearty home cooking? For each of your culinary desires you can find a remedy in our shop. Because we have a wide range of Irish food that you can prepare and enjoy at home.
For Guinness lovers there is not only their favourite beer. But also chocolate, sauces, crisps and even jam with the wonderful touch of Guinness. Of course we also have traditional jam with oranges or unusual creations with whiskey or cream liqueur.
If you like to try the Irish cuisine yourself, you can order the appropriate food from Ireland: Baking mixes for Farmhouse Bread and Scones, seasoning mixes for the Irish Stew and the Sheperds Pie. For the tea lovers among you, we also have a large selection of Barrys, Lyons, Campbells and Bewleys Tea. For those who prefer hot chocolate, however, there are delicious hot drinks from Butlers and Bewleys. Whatever you crave, you are guaranteed to find the right Irish food in our shop!