Children\'s clothing must be functional,...

Childrens Clothing

Children's clothing must be functional, comfortable and robust at the same time

Children's clothing must meet many requirements. They must be functional and comfortable at the same time. They should keep children warm without making them sweat while they romp around. Speaking of romping around: Of course children's clothing must be able to withstand a lot. Because the little ones' urge to discover is incessant, and so many a tree is climbed or mud cakes are baked.
Our Irish children's clothing must therefore meet many a requirement. And it meets them by using only high-quality materials. This makes our socks, shirts and caps from Ireland both functional and hard-wearing. They keep the kids cozy and warm, but don't make them sweat when they play or run around. In addition, the cute Irish children's articles are an absolute eye-catcher.

Large selection of children's clothing from Ireland

In our shop you will find a large selection of Irish children's clothing. From mittens, caps and shirts to jackets. Even a very special trendsetter can be found: The Grandfathershirt for kids. This stand-up collar shirt comes from the county of Cork, where it is still produced today. The company Lee Valley achieved worldwide attention with the Grandfathershirt. Because the fashionable shirt was even worn at the Fashion Week.
With our Irish children's clothing you will make sure that the eyes of little Ireland fans will shine. The funny and cute clothes are a great present for birthdays, christenings, school enrolment or just as a small gift.

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