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Magnets from Guinness: A piece of Ireland in your kitchen. Magnets are not without good reason a popular souvenir from the holidays. They are small, practical and available with a wide variety of motifs. The makers of our favourite beer have picked up on this trend and created some great magnets with Guinness motifs, and we think they're quite impressive. Guinness magnets are available in many different sizes, shapes and designs. Not only do they spice up the look of any fridge, no matter how dreary, but they are also a great souvenir from the Green Island. So the next time you take the milk out of the fridge or pin your offspring's timetable to the fridge, your Guinness magnet is guaranteed to bring back all those great memories of your last holiday in Ireland. Nostalgic, simple or practical? It's not so easy to choose the right Guinness magnet from the large selection available. How about a nostalgic motif or a wooden model? Maybe you are also taken with the heraldic animals of the beer producer and you prefer to pin the colourful toucan or the beer-loving turtle to your fridge. If you like to combine looks with practical features, we recommend our Guinness magnets with bottle opener.