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Irish jewellery sets to give away

Irish jewellery is not only beautiful, behind every symbol hides a deep meaning. For example, there is the Celtic knot, which stands for infinity. It symbolizes creation as well as life. Or the Claddagh symbol: Two hands holding a heart with a crown. This pretty symbol stands for love as well as friendship and loyalty. There is a variety of symbols in Celtic mythology, which are still deeply connected to

Ireland and its culture.

Irish jewellery sets are therefore a great gift for Ireland lovers. The pieces of jewellery are timeless and elegant, but at the same time slightly playful. They fit every occasion and are a wonderful souvenir of the Emerald Isle. With a jewellery set, usually consisting of earrings and the matching necklace, you are guaranteed to bring great joy to an Ireland fan!

From simple to striking

Irish jewellery sets are available in the most diverse variations. Simple and dainty designs that are restrained but stylish at the same time. Or eye-catching pieces that act as eye-catchers and round off any outfit. In our shop you will find jewellery sets from Ireland in sterling silver or a material mix of silver and 10 carat gold. Some sets have also been provided with a pretty diamond, which refines the piece of jewellery even more and gives it additional elegance.

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