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 Kate Kearney: The chocolate with the name of a...

Kate Kearney Chocolate

Kate Kearney: The chocolate with the name of a legend

The Kate Kearney chocolate is a speciality on the Emerald Isle. Because this chocolate was named after a woman who is truly a legend in Ireland. There are many stories about Kate, who is said to have lived near the lively town of Killarney. But all these stories aim to express the warmth and hospitality of this woman.
Kate Kearney was once a beauty known throughout the country. She lived in a small cottage not far from a waterfall during the great famine. Kate made it her business to distil the water and supply travellers with it. So she became known throughout Ireland not only for her beauty but also for her warmth and hospitality.

The taste of Ireland to give away or enjoy

Kate Kearney combines two characteristics that are often found on the Emerald Isle: hospitality and warmth. This is probably what the chocolate makers wanted to capture when they named their delicious creations after Kate Kearney.
In our shop you will find a large selection of Kate Kearney chocolate. From the classic milk chocolate to delicious fudge with whiskey. You can purchase the chocolate bars individually or you can stock up on chocolate. So you always have an Irish treat at hand. Of course, you can also give Kate Kearney's chocolate as a gift and give a loved one a treat. Whether you enjoy the chocolate yourself or pass it on to someone else, the first-class taste of Kate Kearneys and the great design are guaranteed to delight.

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