Irish peaked caps for ladies and gentlemen...

Peaked cap

Irish peaked caps for ladies and gentlemen

The peaked cap is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of classic Irish clothing. In cities like Dublin, men wore the cap as a fashion accessory decades ago. In the rural areas of Ireland, the peaked cap was also very popular, albeit increasingly for practical reasons. For it withstood the changeable and unstable weather on the Emerald Isle. It kept its wearer warm, shielded him from the rain and at the same time was a good protection against the sun.
Nowadays not only men wear the Irish peaked cap. Women also fall back on the fashionable headgear. In our shop you will therefore find a selection of models, both for men and women. All peaked caps are characterized by the high-quality material. They are durable and offer a pleasant wearing comfort. The headgear is available in a trendy patchwork design, with diamond patterns or plain.

The timeless and elegant companion

The classic peaked cap was made of tweed. The material is durable and pleasant on the skin. It also has the advantage that the tweed cap can be easily folded and stowed in the bag.
The Irish peaked cap inspires with its timeless design. It is the perfect companion for an extended stroll through the streets of Galway, a sightseeing tour to the Cliffs of Moher or for the next pub visit. The tweed cap is particularly chic when combined with a long coat and boots. But the hat also goes well with casual jeans and a cuddly cardigan.

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