The classic from Ireland with a difference...

Guinness Food

The classic from Ireland with a difference

We already know that you can't just drink the Guinness. Because in the Irish kitchen the cult beer is an integral part and we like to use it for cooking and baking. For example for a delicious Guinness chocolate cake, for biscuits and even to refine bread. But with our Guinness foods you don't have to spend hours in the kitchen to enjoy your favourite beer in its solid form. Because they come to your home ready to eat, so you can enjoy a delicious Guinness chocolate, crisps or a sauce with the finest notes of beer straight away. Of course, you will also find Guinness in its original form in our shop: As a tin pack or in a great package with glasses, beer mats and a towel, which is perfect to give away.

Guinness food with finest beer flavours

Guinness enriches a wide range of foods with its unique taste. There is chocolate, for example, with a delicately melting caramel centre and the fine notes of beer. The Irish beer is also good in grill and meat sauces. The Guinness Barbecue Sauce or the coarse-grained mustard with beer flavours is guaranteed to be the hit at your next barbecue party! Not only the delicious beer in its shapely cans goes well with it. But also delicious, handmade potato chips refined with Guinness. It's best if you try out for yourself which Guinness foods will delight you and your guests. You will find a large selection in our shop.

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