Start the day well rested with Irish...


Start the day well rested with Irish nightcaps

If a cold head robs you of sleep at night, then an Irish nightcap is just the thing for you. Because the headgear keeps you snug and warm and ensures that no body heat is lost through the head. On top of that, our Irish nightcaps are made of high quality and soft materials, which ensure a very pleasant wearing comfort. They are made of 100% brushed cotton, which is cosy, comfortable and functional. Because the breathable nightcaps keep you warm, but without making you sweat.
Our nightcaps from Ireland can be worn by men and women alike. In our shop you will find a wide range of colours and designs. So there is the right nightcap for everyone. In addition to the Irish nightcap you will also find the matching pyjamas or dressing gown. So the comfortable and elegant sleep outfit from Ireland is perfect!

Sleep comfortably like hundreds of years ago

The night cap is a headgear that was worn for sleeping hundreds of years ago. Because in old castles and manor houses only the living and dining rooms were heated. But in the sleeping chambers it was bitterly cold. The people wore the sleep caps to keep it warm in bed and to be protected from frostbite.
Although today there are no more minus degrees in the bedrooms, a nightcap from Ireland is an enrichment for sleep. This is because the human body gives off much of its heat through the head. So you can still be cuddled up in the duvet, sometimes you just freeze anyway. But with a nightcap from Ireland you will always stay warm, even on the coldest winter nights.

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