Guinness: More than just a beer  

Guinness Chocolate

Guinness: More than just a beer

Arthur Guinness signed the lease for his brewery in Dublin in 1759. This contract was concluded for an amazing 9,000 years! 250 years later, there is still enough time until the Irish gold may one day have to move. But until then, the company is likely to surprise us with many a treat. Because we know that Guinness is not just something to drink. The Irish like to use their delicious beer for cooking and even baking. But the fine taste of Guinness combined with sweet chocolate... delicious!

Guinness chocolate for the pleasure in between

Our favourite Irish beer has long made a name for itself in the chocolate industry. Because Guinness chocolate is not only delicious, but also unusual and of high quality. There is, for example, the Guinness Luxury Fudge, which melts gently in the mouth and provides a taste explosion with the notes of milk, caramel and Guinness. For caramel lovers there is also the Caramel Chocolate from Guinness. The milk chocolate or the tart dark chocolate also get a very special taste from the aromas of the beer.
As you can see, Irish beer can do more than just wet dry throats. Guinness fans can therefore look forward to enjoying their favourite beer not only in liquid form in the future. In addition, there are still a few years to go until the brewery's lease expires. Who knows with which chocolate Guinness will still surprise us in the future?

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