Chips from Ireland: The delicious snack for in...

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Chips from Ireland: The delicious snack for in between
The potato was once the most important source of food for the Irish. It is therefore not surprising that it is an integral part of many traditional dishes. It is part of a good Irish stew and is often served at breakfast. The Irish are very creative in the processing of the potato and of course the finely cut version is fried in fat. Until today, the chips are still a popular side dish in Ireland. They are served with sandwiches, go well with meat and therefore should not be missing at an extensive barbecue. But compared to our usual variations with salt and paprika, the chips from Ireland are different. The most popular version of the crispy snack in Ireland are the Salt & inegar Chips. These get their slightly sour taste from the vinegar. However, the chips from Ireland are also available with Cheese & Onion flavour.

Tayto  Chips:
Tayto Chips have long been a cult in Ireland and even beyond the borders of the country people enjoy the unique taste of this snack. Although Tayto was only founded in Dublin in 1954, the company has made a name for itself worldwide in recent years. The undisputed bestseller of Tayto chips is the Cheese and Onion variant. Some people may be put off by the taste of cheese and onion in combination with the potato baked in fat, but just give it a try. In our shop you will of course also find the classic Tayto Chips as well as with vinegar or bacon flavour. We also have a large selection of chips from Guinness, which will bring the taste of Ireland to your next barbecue party or a cosy evening on the sofa.

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