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 The exclusive Marble Collection  In the Wild...

Marble Collection

The exclusive Marble Collection

In the Wild West of Ireland, in the rough and rugged regions of the Connemara National Park, there is a rock that is popular far beyond the country's borders: the Connemara Marble. This green marble is probably more than 600 million years old and today adorns beautiful rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Every piece of Connemara Marble is unique. This characteristic is also reflected on the jewellery. So every necklace, earring and bracelet from the Marble Collection is individual and unique. A truly unique piece of jewellery that also serves as a great souvenir of our favourite island.

The tradition of Connemara Marble

This beautiful marble is found throughout Ireland only in the Connemara National Park in County Galway, which is dominated by heather and peat bogs. And it has been quarried there by the same family for over three generations. So the children of this family still traditionally learn from their parents how to extract and process this unique stone. The pieces of jewellery from the Marble Collection are not only popular because of their exclusivity and beautiful design. The Connemara Marble is also said to have a healing effect. Rubbing the stone is supposed to banish worries and sorrow. And whoever always carries Connemara Marble with them will be accompanied by calmness, serenity and inner peace. Just give it a try. Maybe the great pieces of jewellery made of Connemara Marble are more than just a visual eye-catcher. Maybe you could also give them a little more lightness and calmness in everyday life.

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