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Lyons Tea

Lyons Tea: The quality tea from Ireland
Lyons Tea is a well-known Irish tea that has become an integral part of traditional tea culture. But Lyons is not produced in Ireland, but in England. So why is it considered the traditional tea of the Emerald Isle?
The reason is the history behind Lyons Tea. In 1902, the Lyons family began to mix their tea in the shadow of Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin. They had made it their mission to create a blend made from the best ingredients and with an outstanding taste. And that is exactly what the Lyon family succeeded in doing. Today, Irish people and people all over the world still drink their Quality Tea at tea time, in the evening or in the morning, for the perfect start to the day.
Sustainability meets a unique taste
Lyons Tea stands not only for high quality, but also for sustainability. This is because the company holds Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM. To receive this seal, companies must meet all three facets of sustainability. In other words, on a social, economic and ecological basis.
Only high-quality ingredients are used for Lyons teas. And this is also reflected in the taste. Because the company's most popular varieties, the Original Blend and the Gold Blend, delight with a full-bodied and aromatic taste. The Gold Blend also convinces with its golden colour.
You can find the most popular Lyons Tea varieties in our shop. We also offer you a tasting set consisting of 55 delicious Irish teas. So you can find your personal favourite!

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