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 Stud earrings and earrings: Beautiful...

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Stud earrings and earrings: Beautiful jewellery from Ireland

There is something enchanting, even magical about Irish jewellery. It is elegant and shapely, but at the same time it has a far-reaching meaning. So these earrings and ear studs do not only adorn classic Irish symbols like the harp or the cloverleaf. Celtic patterns also characterize the look of these pieces of jewelry. And all these symbols, which we are allowed to wear on our bodies as accessories, are deeply connected to Irish culture and history.
Irish ear studs and earrings with Celtic symbols express the faith of the Celts. They believed in reincarnation, which is symbolised by the knot pattern. For this stands for the infinity that is attributed to life. The Celts also believed that there would be two worlds: ...this world and the earthly world. The Celtic cross connects these two worlds with each other. You see, Irish earrings and ear studs are more than just an elegant accessory.

High quality Irish earrings and ear studs

Irish ear studs and earrings are decorated with significant patterns and symbols. And at the same time these noble pieces of jewellery are also a beautiful eye-catcher that goes with every outfit. Because in our shop there are earrings in every shape and design. From sterling silver to gold. And from pearls and stones to diamonds. Whether you prefer your ear studs and earrings plain or extravagant, you are guaranteed to find the right piece of jewellery with us.

Items 1 - 20 of 24