Knitted hats as a companion for the Ireland...

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Knitted hats as a companion for the Ireland holiday

The weather in Ireland can be uncomfortable. Rough winds shape the unique nature we encounter on the Emerald Isle. Rain is also part of a holiday in Ireland. But without it the country would not inspire us in its countless shades of green. Therefore it is even more important to take precautions with the right clothing. A knitted cap is a wonderful companion for the next holiday in Ireland. It protects the head from rain and the sensitive ears from the cool winds. And when the sun finally shines through the cloud cover again, the knitted cap can easily be stowed away in your pocket.

The perfect accessory for cold days

Our Irish knitted caps are available in many different colours and designs. In our shop you will find Deerstalker style hats that will withstand even the coldest winds. Our Guinness caps are the perfect accessory for Irish beer lovers and our Ireland style knitted caps look fashionable and keep you warm. For those who like it a little more fancy, we have funny models like a headgear with horns. The knitted hats from Ireland are made of high-quality and breathable materials. They are also a nice souvenir of the Emerald Isle.
In our shop you will find the matching scarf, gloves and cuddly socks to go with the Irish knitted hats. So you are perfectly equipped for cold winter days or the next Ireland vacation.

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