18K Gold Plated Jewellery from Ireland  

18 K Gold Plated

18K Gold Plated Jewellery from Ireland

Our 18K Gold Plated jewellery pieces are very special accessories from Ireland. This beautiful jewellery has been produced in elaborate steps and gold-plated with 18K Gold Plated. Some of these beautiful pieces of jewellery are also decorated with pretty stones. There are also necklaces that are made of a material mix of gold and silver. This allows them to be worn with both silver and gold jewellery.

The 18K Gold Plated jewellery is not only high quality. They are also a visual highlight. Because the jewellery was made in the style of Irish and Celtic symbols. So there is the knot pattern, which sometimes symbolizes the connection between past, present and future. But there are also clovers, which are deeply connected with the Irish culture. According to a legend, Saint Patrick once explained the Trinity by means of a shamrock. The Claddah ring is also a part of the 18K Gold Plated jewellery collection. With this symbol the Irish associate love, friendship and loyalty.

Irish gold jewellery as a gift

With our 18K Gold Plated jewellery you can simply make yourself a pleasure or you can give the special pieces of jewellery as a gift to a fan of Ireland. Gold earrings in the shape of a cloverleaf or Celtic knots as pendants are guaranteed to be a delight. In our shop you will find gold jewellery from Ireland in different designs, so that there is a suitable piece of jewellery for every taste.

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