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 Irish sauces, mustard and relish  Whether hot...


Irish sauces, mustard and relish

Whether hot food from the grill or cold finger food for cosy evenings with friends and family: usually it is the sauces, mustard, relish and chutneys that complete the dishes. Because the dip gives every dish the right spice and rounds it off perfectly.
In Ireland the side dishes are very important. Because on the Emerald Isle not only mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise are placed on the tables. Instead, the Irish reach for delicious Stout Steak Sauce, Country Relish according to traditional production or unusual mustard creations with whiskey, Guinness or honey. Speaking of Guinness: this cult beer is not only available to drink, but also as a delicious barbecue sauce. The Guinness sauce with the tart aromas of beer is also a great side dish for meat dishes, as well as for fondue or raclette.

Irish Relish

Irish relish is more than just ketchup. Because to make a relish you don't just need a few tomatoes and sugar. A relish is the perfect combination of ripe tomatoes and the right seasoning. The flavours are perfectly matched and the recipe is refined until even the greatest gourmet is convinced.
The most famous Irish relish comes from the kitchen of Ballymaloe. The gourmet restaurant in the County of Cork has been awarded several Michelin stars. Ballymaloe combines Irish traditions with modern ingredients. This results in creations that are both traditional and newfangled. In our shop you will find various sauces and relishes from Ballymaloe. Among them the classic Country Relish. But also more unusual creations with jalapeno or cranberry. If you want to try the delicious side dishes first, we recommend our smaller tasting sizes or the tasting set with six different sauces and relish.

Items 1 - 20 of 22