Baseball cap from Ireland: The hip accessory...


Baseball cap from Ireland: The hip accessory for Ireland fans

A baseball cap is a fashionable accessory worn by both men and women. Instead of plain models, many people use this headgear to make a statement. Through the imprint they show their fellow men which music they like and which is their favourite club. Or in our case: For which country their heart beats.
With our baseball caps from Ireland you express your love for the Emerald Isle. Our caps with the inscription "Ireland" are a great eye-catcher and round off every smart leisure outfit. For lovers of black beer we have a large selection of baseball caps from the Guinness collection. Some of our models are even equipped with a bottle opening integrated in the peak. This makes the baseball cap from Ireland the perfect companion for social evenings with friends and at events.

The baseball cap makes a name for itself

Not only in Ireland, all over the world the baseball cap is worn. The casual headgear originated in New York in 1849. The local baseball team played on the field for the first time with the caps designed especially for their club. The look of the headgear was reminiscent of a military cap, as it was traditionally worn by soldiers and officers. But the baseball cap was much more sporty and casual. Therefore it was not only perfect for the baseball game, but also as a fashionable accessory for leisure time.

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