Bread from Ireland with baking mixes for the...

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Bread from Ireland with baking mixes for the home
There is hardly a traveller to Ireland who cannot find his new favourite bread in the bread counter around the corner. Because if there is one thing the Irish are particularly good at, it is baking bread. From generation to generation they pass on their first-class recipes and perfect them again and again. This results in countless variations of the popular Farmhouse Bread or Soda Bread. One is more delicious than the other!
But if you look for Irish bread at the baker's around the corner, you will rarely find it. Because the delicious Farmhouse Bread or a Soda Bread is usually not found at home. There is only one possibility: Take your own apron and mixer and bake your favourite bread in your own kitchen. However, we would like to make this easier for you by providing you with the right baking mix. With this you can conjure up your favourite bread and bring the taste of Irish cuisine into your home.
Delicious Irish pastry for your Tea Time
We've now established that the Irish bake wonderful bread. But there are even more wonderful baking creations that we can hardly do without at home. These include freshly baked scones with salted butter and orange jam. Or Fruit Cake and Shortbread as a delicious treat for afternoon tea.
We can help you there as well. In our shop you will find a large selection of Irish pastries, which you can simply order to take home. So you can enjoy delicious shortbread in the kitchen at home while you reminisce about your next holiday in Ireland. Or maybe you are already planning your next trip?


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