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Irish jewellery: rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings with Celtic symbols

Irish jewellery is lovingly handcrafted. The designers are inspired by two components: Nature and Celtic mythology. Thus, spiritual Celtic and significant Irish symbols characterize the pieces of jewelry. For example the Claddagh symbol, the harp, the shamrock or the Celtic knot. Irish jewellery is not only beautiful to look at, but also made of high-quality materials. It is usually made of silver or gold. meaning of the celtic symbols
    Celtic knot: One of the most important Celtic signs, symbolizes the faith of this culture in a special way. Thus, the Celts believed in rebirth, which is expressed by the infinity of the Celtic knot. (Re)birth, the path of life and death are in harmony with each other without having a beginning or an end. ?
  • Spiral: The spiral stands for growth and expansion. It symbolizes our soul, which is constantly developing and growing. The spiral also symbolizes power, movement and energy.
  • Double spiral: The double spiral consists of two connected spirals. One of them symbolizes birth, the other life. In between lies the path of life.
  • Triskele: The triskele or triple spiral is characterized by the magic number three. The life cycle consisting of birth, path of life and death can also be assigned to it. It can also stand for the connection of past, present and future as well as becoming, being and passing away.
  • Triquetra: The triquetra resembles a triangle and is also characterized by the number three. Various meanings can be assigned to this Celtic symbol. So it can stand for the elements water, air and earth, with which the Celts felt deeply connected. Also for the harmony of past, present and future as well as for birth, life and death. Many people also assume that it symbolizes the trinity of the divine.
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