The traditional Irish grandfather shirt...


The traditional Irish grandfather shirt

Irish stand-up collar shirts or also called Grandfathershirts have made a name for themselves all over the world. Characteristic for the Grandfathershirts is the small stand-up collar, with which they stand out from the style of a classic shirt. In addition, the back part is cut longer. This feature is supposed to provide additional protection for the kidneys. Irish stand-up collar shirts are made of high-quality and functional cotton or flannel. They are robust and provide a pleasant wearing comfort. Their look is timeless and elegant. In addition, Grandfahter shirts are available in many different designs: from striped, checkered to plain. They fit perfectly with the hip retro style and are appreciated by their wearers for their high quality.

From Ireland to the Fashionweeks

The stand-up collar shirt from Ireland comes from a small town in the county of Cork. Dennis Hurley, founder of the Lee Valley company, is the designer of this extraordinary shirt. Inspired by his grandfather, he made the Grandfather shirt, which is based on the clothing of Irish field workers. They slaved in the fields in all weathers and were exposed to the rough and changing weather conditions of the Emerald Isle. Their clothing had to keep the wind out, but still was not allowed to make them sweat in the sunshine. The Grandfathershirts are therefore made of roughened cotton or flannel, which makes them breathable. Moreover, thanks to their material and cut, the stand-up collar shirts from Ireland allow more freedom of movement than classic shirts. The small stand-up collar also protected the neck of the field workers and because the shirt was cut longer behind, the kidneys were not exposed when bending down. These characteristics are also reflected in the modern Grandfather shirts.
Irish stand-up collar shirts combine tradition with modernity. The timeless and stylish look found worldwide recognition and even conquered the fashion weeks of the fashion metropolises. So with a Grandfathershirt you are not only holding a functional and comfortable garment in your hands. But also a trendsetter that captures the rural charm of Ireland.

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