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T-shirts and polo shirts: Sometimes shrill and colourful, sometimes reserved and chic

Hardly any of us can imagine a wardrobe without T-shirts. What would we then wear with jeans or with what would we turn the elegant skirt into a casual outfit? Hardly any other piece of clothing is as versatile as the T-shirt. It goes with a comfortable casual look and makes a business outfit look more casual. Once upon a time the T-shirt was a rebellious piece of clothing. Revolutionaries and resistance fighters use it to make a statement. Even today, many people still use the T-shirt to express their views, passions and hobbies. Be it the love for a club or for a country. With our Ireland T-Shirts you can do exactly that: to express your love for the Emerald Isle. Therefore you will find in our shop a large selection of different models for men and women. Our Ireland T-shirts are printed with Celtic patterns, lettering and motifs in Irish style. Also for Guinness lovers there are great t-shirts with the logo of your favourite beer.

The polo shirt for special occasions

In addition to T-shirts we also have a selection of Ireland polo shirts with Irish motifs or with Guinness print. These upscale shirts are perfect to elegantly complete the casual look. The polo shirt looks chic thanks to its stand-up collar, but still offers the advantages of a T-shirt. Because it is cosy, comfortable and sporty. At the same time, it is also elegant without looking too posh. It is therefore perfectly suited for the casual smart casual look.