Bracelets and bangles from Ireland...

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Bracelets and bangles from Ireland

Bracelets and bracelets are part of the basic equipment of every fashion-conscious woman. And many men also wear pretty leather bracelets or elegant silver bracelets as a fashionable accessory. With our beautiful bracelets and bangles from Ireland you now have the opportunity to make a statement not only in terms of fashion. You can also always carry a piece of your favourite island with you!
Our bracelets and bangles from Ireland are a special highlight. Because they were not only made on the Emerald Isle, they are also decorated with Celtic symbols. So there are elegant bracelets made of silver, in which the Celtic knot has been worked in elaborate handwork. Filigree and yet somewhat extravagant are also our open bracelets for women. These beautiful pieces of jewellery are made of sterling silver and are decorated with the intertwined Celtic knot. They fit to every outfit and are always an eye-catcher.

Fashionable leather bracelets from Ireland

Irish leather bracelets are modern and chic. The material feels pleasant on the skin and is available in different colours. In addition, these bracelets are marked by Irish or Celtic symbols. There are pieces of jewellery with clover leaves, Celtic knots or the Celtic cross. The Claddagh symbol also characterizes some of these Irish bracelets. This consists of two hands holding a heart with a crown above it. The Claddagh symbol carries the meaning of friendship, love and loyalty. It is therefore not only a beautiful symbol, but also inspires with its precious meaning.

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