Irish jam: the traditional recipe  Like so...


Irish jam: the traditional recipe

Like so much else in Ireland, the production of jam on the Emerald Isle has a long tradition. For example, that contrary to our German usage, the term "Marmelade" has a very special meaning. Because it does not mean all fruity spreads. But specially the orange marmalade. A delicious spread with small or coarse orange pieces. Some manufacturers refine these additionally with Irish whiskey in order to give the jam a slightly tart taste. Whether with or without whiskey, Irish orange marmalade is a delicious spread that goes wonderfully with freshly baked scones.

Exceptional creations of Irish honey

Although the weather in Ireland is pleasantly mild, there are no orange groves on the Emerald Isle. The oranges for Irish jam come from Spain, mostly from Seville. There they ripen under the Spanish sun and are then processed according to traditional methods in Ireland.
But not only the orange marmalade is popular among travellers to Ireland. Honey lovers can taste countless variations on the Emerald Isle. There is the Irish honey with raspberries, blueberries, mango or ginger. Also creations with walnuts, cinnamon or cream liqueur are truly a taste experience. The Irish honey and jams with freshly baked Farmhouse Bread taste particularly delicious. But the spreads are also delicious with scones or the classic bread roll. Just try it yourself. In our shop you will find a large selection of Irish honey and jam.

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