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 Claddagh Rings: The traditional rings from...

Claddagh Rings

Claddagh Rings: The traditional rings from Ireland

The most famous rings in Ireland, the Claddagh Rings, originate from a modest little
Fishing village in County Galway. They are deeply connected to Irish culture and
symbolize love, friendship, fidelity, romance and loyalty. The Claddagh Rings do not have
only one important meaning, they are also a visual highlight. In our shop you will find the
Jewellery made of silver or gold. The lovingly handcrafted rings show
are of good quality and are processed to a high standard. They are a great gift to give to
Ireland fan a joy to prepare or to give a present to itself.

A symbol of love, friendship and loyalty

Traditional Claddagh rings consist of three components:
Two hands: These two hands are lovingly wrapped around a heart. They stand for the
A heart: The heart naturally symbolizes love. It nestles gently into the
protecting hands.
A crown: The crown hovers over the heart and is a representation of loyalty.

The legend of the Claddagh Ring

The legend of the Claddagh Ring goes back to the 17th century, to the small village of Claddagh in
of the county of Galway. It is said that Richard Joyce, son of a poor fisherman, was born here. He
fell in love with the most beautiful girl in the village, who even returned his feelings. When her parents...
for a wedding between young lovers, happiness seemed perfect. But when...
Richard went out to sea one day to fish, he was captured by pirates and sent to
North Africa. But he was sold as a slave to a goldsmith. This one, however...
soon discovered how skilled Richard was at working the precious metal. Year after
year, the Irishman slaved away for the goldsmith and secretly made a piece of jewellery for his
Dearest one: A ring with two hands holding a heart with a crown hovering over it.
One day Richard was able to escape or was released and he embarked on the arduous journey home to his
Home country. There he met his fiancée, who was still waiting for her childhood sweetheart. Now...
he not only gives her the Claddagh ring, but finally marries his love.
Richard Joyce is not only a legend. The Claddagh people were real, and he made himself...
but he's off to India, where his ship was attacked by pirates. He learned the goldsmith's trade.
during his time as a slave and returned one day to Ireland, where he opened a goldsmith's shop and made the beautiful Claddagh rings.

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