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 The traditional tea from Ireland...
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The traditional tea from Ireland

Bewleys Tea is the classic par excellence in Ireland. For tea lovers it is the Guinness of the Emerald Isle. Because Bewleys is unique and combines Irish traditions with the full-bodied taste of distant lands.
The history of Bewleys tea goes back to the 18th century. At that time the Bewleys family immigrated from France to Ireland. There they soon made a name for themselves as tea traders. Around 1835, the family took a step that seemed impossible at the time: they abandoned the East China Company monopoly and imported their own tea from China. At that time they risked not only their good reputation but also their entire fortune. But this step was to pay off to this day, because Bewleys enjoyed an increasing reputation. Today the company is known all over the world and renowned tea drinkers appreciate and love the full-bodied taste of Bewleys Tea.

Bewleys Tea is still deeply connected to Ireland today

Despite his worldwide success, Bewleys remained closely associated with the Emerald Isle. The company opened a café in Grafton Street in Dublin, where their exclusive tea is of course the focus of attention. In addition to a wide variety of Bewleys teas, visitors can also enjoy Irish delicacies.
If you would like to enjoy Bewleys Tea not only in Grafton Street but also at home, you will find a wide range of different products in our store. In addition to the Original and Gold Blend, there is also the Breakfast Tea and the Afternoon Tea, which is served in Ireland with delicious sandwiches. If you can't decide on a variety, just try our trial set. Taste 55 different kinds of tea and find out which Irish tea you like.