Irish motif pasta for a special pasta dish...

Irish Motif Pasta

Irish motif pasta for a special pasta dish
Pasta is perhaps not the first dish that comes to mind when you think of the Emerald Isle. But our Irish theme pasta will still bring a piece of your favourite island home to you. Because the delicious pasta is available in great Irish shapes: sweet spicy, the classic harp or cloverleaves that will bring a little happiness to your kitchen.
The Irish motif pasta comes in different flavours and colours. Spinach powder provides the green colour, carrots for the orange and tomato, peppers and beetroot colour the red noodles. The Ireland Motif Pasta therefore consists of natural ingredients, which are suitable even for sensitive baby stomachs. And believe us: children love the colourful noodles in lamb shape! You are guaranteed not to notice the vegetables on your plate.
How to serve the motif pasta from Ireland
You can serve all imaginable sauces with Irish motif pasta. Classic with tomatoes, as bolognese and delicious carbonara. Also as pasta casserole or noodle salad it makes the pasta with Irish motives well.
If you want to bring the taste of Ireland into your home, serve the pasta with fish or an Irish stew instead of potatoes. A salmon cream sauce is also a delicious way to give the motif pasta an Irish flavor.