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Guinness glasses for the stylish pleasure What would Ireland be without a visit to the pub, with a freshly tapped Guinness on the table and Irish live music in your ears? The Guinness is indisputably an integral part of Irish culture and hardly any traveller gets around to taste this wonderful drink. But what if you're thirsty for a cool pint, but your next visit to Ireland is still far too long away and the pubs back home look rather dull? Well, then there's only one thing to do: order your favourite beer at home, invite friends and family over and create a convivial pub atmosphere within your own four walls! But stop: Guinness is not just served in a simple glass or even a wheat glass. In true style, Irish beer is drunk from a pint or a tulip glass with a matching emblem. And that's exactly why you will find a large selection of Guinness glasses in our shop. Guinness glasses for at home Until the 80s, Guinness was still served in a so-called tankard. The heavy beer mug with handle could hold half a liter, but it was simply too bulky. So it was gradually replaced by the Guinness glasses of today: Filigree tulip glasses with logo or the well-known pint. An original pint in Ireland measures 0.5683 litres. These are even available as half glasses, for all those who only want to enjoy a small glass of beer. In our shop you will find a large selection of high quality and shapely Guinness glasses. Among them also the nostalgic Tankard with matching Guinness logo. Also pints and tulip glasses. Like the Black Gold itself, all Guinness products stand for quality, style and tradition.