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 Barry's Tea for the Tea Time at home...
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Barry's Tea for the Tea Time at home
Barry's Tea has become an integral part of Irish tea culture. For more than 100 years the traditional company has been perfecting its hot drinks, and you can taste it! Whether the Original Blend, Classic Blend or even caffeine-free: all varieties are made from only the finest ingredients and are refined with the finest aromas. This is how the refreshing Gold Blend acquires its strong taste and the Earl Grey its wonderful lemony note.
In our shop you will find a large selection of Barry's Tea. So you can enjoy the Irish tea in your own four walls and satisfy your longing until your next holiday on the Emerald Isle.
The traditional tea from Ireland: Barry's Tea
Barry's Tea was founded in 1901 in Cork. James J. Barry wanted to create a new, high-quality tea that would become an integral part of Irish tea culture. And it still is today. Barry received his first award for excellence in blending 33 years after his foundation. What makes Barry's Tea so popular is not only its excellent taste. Although the ingredients come from faraway India and Ceylon, the tea's aroma reminds people of the Emerald Isle. So the different types of tea reflect the heart of Ireland. Because they are exciting, varied and at the same time harmonious. See for yourself how Barry's Tea captures the facets of the Emerald Isle.