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Wooley Jumpers: gift ideas for Ireland and sheep fans
Ireland without its charming sheep? It's just that no one really wants to imagine that. Because when we see the curious lambs playing with each other on the pastures, full of the urge to discover, everyone of us gets warm immediately. And even the lush green meadows of the Dingle Peninsula or the wild landscapes of Connemara would not be the same without the white, woolly companions. If, like us, you are passionate about Irish sheep or know someone who can't get enough of the woolly animals, we have just the thing for you: our gift ideas and souvenirs from Wooley Jumpers.

Souvenirs and gifts
Wooley Jumpers are fun, practical, unusual and useful souvenirs from the Emerald Isle. They are all fitted with black-faced sheep. And, of course, matching our favourite island, in green. From Wooley Jumpers you will find a wide selection in our shop. How about some useful oven gloves, for example? And perhaps even the matching tea towel? If you want to bring that pure Ireland feeling into your home, then perhaps even our Wooley Jumpers kitchen set is something for you. As well as a tea towel and oven gloves, it also includes a cup, salt and pepper shakers and a key ring in a funny sheep's design.