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The most colourful sheep of the Emerald Isle: Wacky Wollies
They seem to have sprung from a hippie festival and with their colourful appearance they bring a smile to the lips of many a person: The Wacky Wollies, Ireland's craziest sheep. This motley crew consists of so many different characters, all of whom embody the Irish way of life: Not always taking everything seriously, but being cheerful, humorous and exuberant. But always with a touch of melancholy as well.
In the Wacky Wollies family every single sheep enchants with its unique character traits. So we see Happy, the yellow sheep, always with a smile on her face. And Lucky, well how could it be otherwise, is the family member kissed by happiness. There is always a shamrock and usually a horseshoe. Sad, on the other hand, is sick and tired of the rainy weather on the Emerald Isle and although all the sheep are a little crazy, Crazy is mixing up the troop once again.

Wacky Wollies as Irish souvenirs

The Wacky Wollies are an indispensable part of the Irish souvenir shops. They not only enchant the youngest Ireland fans, but also make the big Green Island lover smile. In our shop you will therefore also find a large selection of products from Wacky Wollies. There are umbrellas, notebooks, pens, key rings and even travel pillows. Of course, the crazy sheep are also available as a highlight in the kitchen: from tea bag holders, to the classic cup, to the tea towel. Ireland's craziest sheep are guaranteed to make your home a little more colourful!