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Ties from Ireland: From elegant to humorous

Ties have become an integral part of men's fashion. In the past, they were the firm companion of the suit, but today men wear the tie also with casual outfits. Would you like to go to the nearest pub for a quick pint? Or are you invited to your best friend's birthday party? Then our ties from Ireland are just right for you. Because these models are anything but stuffy. With funny sheep, celtic signs or pints, the Irish neckties are truly an eye-catcher. If you prefer a more reserved design, choose ties with Irish shamrocks or Celtic knots. For men who are looking for a very special model, there is the silk tie with Irish Pubs. With this tie you not only express your love for Ireland, but also your passion for pubs!
In our shop you will find a large selection of Irish ties. From funny to elegant and modern, there is the right model for every man (and woman). Our ties are made of pure silk and are of high quality. Thus they also refine the elegant business outfit.

Timeless Irish neckties for men and women

Irish ties make life more colourful and bring joy into everyday life. They are a fancy eye-catcher and a piece of clothing that is guaranteed to delight your friends and work colleagues. But nowadays not only men wear the ties. Women also spice up their outfit with this accessory. Our Irish neckties can be worn by every person who is looking for a new favourite piece in Irish design.