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Sheep Pasta from Ireland
What's the saying? The eye eats too. And with our great sheep pasta, the next family meal together will be a feast for all senses! Because these delicious noodles not only taste delicious, they also look really great. Pamper your loved ones with a unique taste experience straight from the Emerald Isle.

Motif noodles in sheep shape
Pasta is not necessarily the national dish of Ireland. Because the Irish love it to be particularly hearty or even very sweet. But pasta is really loved by everyone, not only in Ireland, but all over the world. And to satisfy the desires of all our pasta lovers, our shop offers this unique and delicious sheep pasta straight from the Emerald Isle. This delicacy tastes wonderful as a side dish to vegetables and meat. But also simply with a creamy tomato sauce. Try one of our delicious Ballymaloe pasta sauces. Of course also a traditional product directly from Ireland.
But you can also simply enjoy the Irish sheep pasta pure. Because the funny coloured sheep hide three different flavours. The green sheep are enriched with spinach powder and the orange ones with paprika, carrots and tomatoes. The yellow sheep on the other hand have the light and delicious taste of classic noodles. Delicious, let's just say!