Irish nightcaps are warming and...
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Irish nightcaps are warming and comfortable

Nightcaps are an enrichment for the sleep. Since the body loses a large part of its warmth through the head, you may find yourself freezing at night, even though you have wrapped yourself in thick blankets. The nightcap can also contribute to a better and more restful sleep in case of flu or sinusitis. And this is urgently needed for regeneration!
Irish nightcaps are comfortable and cuddly. They are made of roughened cotton, which makes them particularly comfortable to wear. The material is not only high-quality, but also breathable. So you won't sweat at night, although the Irish nightcap keeps you warm.

A traditional nightcap from Ireland

The Emerald Isle is known for its countless castles and mansions. However, hundreds of years ago, when many of the Irish stories that fascinate us today were written, life in the walls was subject to harsh conditions. The winter on the island was harsh and cold. In many of the castles the sleeping chambers were not heated, which could even lead to frostbite. But the people knew how to help themselves and soon the sleep cap became the indispensable companion for the night.
Our Irish nightcaps are from the Lee Valley collection. The company is well known for its traditional fashion, which inspires people all over the world. Today the founder of Lee Valley is still deeply connected to his homeland and manufactures his garments in the county of Cork. In addition to nightcaps, the Lee Valley collection also includes pyjamas, shirts, dressing gowns and much more. In our shop you will therefore find the right nightwear for every sleep cap.