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  Black Sheep: The sugar sweet sheep...
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Black Sheep: The sugar sweet sheep from Ireland
We all know it: the sugary black sheep that characterises Irish souvenirs. Whether on cups, pens, notebooks or kitchen equipment, it is impossible to imagine Ireland without the Black Sheep. Because the woolly companion is a speciality. With its black fur, it stands out clearly from the classic sheep. And that is exactly what we love about him.

Great products for the home
The Black Sheep adorns countless great products from Ireland. It can be found on cups and the matching tea bag holders. For on the way there is even a practical thermo mug. If you always want to carry a piece of your favourite island with you, you should take a look at our great key rings. These are also available with the black sheep, which is decorated by your cloverleaf.
On the other hand, if you are looking for a very special gift for a loved one, our Black Sheep kitchen set might be something for you. This consists of many great products, designed with the woolly companion. The kitchen set includes for example a cup, a magnet with a useful bottle opener and a thermo mug. But also a practical umbrella and a sugar-sweet sheep made of plush. Every sheep-loving fan of Ireland will be happy about this!